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PBN hosting is a super important aspect of any Private Blog Network. It is a very misunderstood part & often overlooked part of the puzzle. Like many aspect of SEO in general. PBN hosting is not really understood. To truly understand it, you have to have deep technical knowledge of the subject. Many people think the only footprint involved is that of the IP address assigned to your website. They have no idea that things like a separate C-class IP from an SEO host can put your network at severe risk. As they are in no way clean. There are a vast amount of footprints to think about. Most of which the everyday PBN hosting will not cover. Thinks like repeated server signatures, Common SSL certificates etc can all leave your network at risk. Not to mention the horrific downtime and slowness of most PBN hosting Providers.

PBN hosting is something that you should not look to skimp on. It is essential that you host your PBNs in the correct manner. Therefore, ensuring they are completely safe from de-indexing. Moreover, ensuring they can not be easily tracked by Google. You also need to ensure you selected PBN hosting company is suitably priced for hosting multiple sites. A cost effective PBN hosting solution is essential. We are experts in PBN hosting and you can read more about our services by clicking on the image below.
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It is important to select the right PBN hosting provider. If not it could be a very costly mistake. The last thing you want to do is put your PBN network at any kind of risk. And this starts with the PBN hosting you choose. So make sure you select the right one from the very start. If you already have private blog website with another provider. And their service is concerning you. Then its very easy to have those sites migrated by professionals. Its usually part of the service provided by your hosting company at no additional costs.

What is PBN Hosting?

In its basic terms, PBN hosting is a special type of webhosting that is designed especially for large Private Blog Networks. It should take care of the hosting footprints of your network. To ensure they can not be detected by search engines, such as Google. Furthermore, a good PBN hosting company. Will also include additional features. That will help you manage and build your Private Blog Networks. These can include things like, Domain expiry notifications, WordPress posting schedulers, SEO Metrics and indexing checks for your PBN Domains. As well as fast Deployment of CMS such as WordPress.

Of Course not all PBN hosting is equal. And you will need to shop around for the best deals and functions. That fit in with your long term plans. You need to be careful of old out of date hosting methods. That has now been redressed as a PBN Hosting Solution. For example, you want to avoid the old and dangerous C-class IP format hosting. This is just 10 years out of date antique SEO hosting. That died when Google started to tighten its grip on spam. So please do please careful of providers like Seekahost etc, that are just this.

In its correctly administrated format. PBN hosting will assist your fully in not creating footprints in your Private blog networks. Allowing them to work effectively and stay undetected by Search engines. Therefore, protecting your domains and the investment you have put in to them. It is important of course, that you choose the right host when setting up your networks. Given the complexity of the subject matter. It is paramount that you understand that not all PBN hosting companies are equal. Selecting the wrong one, could well be the start to the end of your PBNs. Even before you have built out your first website!

Please read though our blog posts below. To help better understand PBN hosting and many other important elements surrounding it. 
June 27, 2022
PBN Hosting Providers

If you are building a Private Blog Network. It is Essential that you select the right PBN Hosting Provider. Here we reveal which are good & who to avoid.

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