Malware Removal – Recover Hacked Websites



Whats Included:

*COMPLETE Malware removal – Malicious entities, including Backdoor entries, Phishing attempts, Adware, and Brute Force Attacks etc

*Full resotration of sites health

*Deep Malware Scan

*Rapid Cleanup

*Security Boost

*Detailed Report

*15-day watch post-service

*Tips & Insights on how to keep your websites safe

*2 Day Delivery

* Extra rapid recovery option available

Rapid WordPress Malware Removal – Recover Hacked Websites

WordPress is an exceptional CMS and is the most popular content management system in the WORLD! However it isn’t without it’s issues. With so many hackers around, and there not being a complete guide on how to protect your sites against these various threats. Hacked wordpress websites, due to plugin / theme vulnerabilities and those managing the website not being aware of how to mittiage against these online threats is amazingly common. Something as simple as forgetting to update a plugin can cause you a MASSIVE headache and trust us.. we know it very well! Malware attacks and hackers can lead to dire consequences. Putting your brands reputation at risk and the trust in which customers place in your website. It can even seriously harm your rankings.

When you realise your website is hacked, it’s often the case that people have no idea where to start, where to look or just what to do in general. Securing your wordpress websites can be a challenge, even for seasoned SEOers and large companies.

We now bring you our word-class soloution for rapid wordpress malware removal and even offer you the chance to recover your hacked websites FULLY. We can detect and tackle all forms of malicious activity on your website, and leave you in a stress free position knowing it’s being left to the professionals!

With immediate malware removal of all and any identified threats. Plus offering a security boost to strengthen your defences against any future potential breaches in your website. We can furthermore assist you in clearing any search engine security alerts.

Of course, we will provide you with a detailed and in-depth report upon completion. With completion taking between 2 – 5 days depending on the package you have selected. With a 15 day watch provided after the malware removal and recovery of your website. We boast continuous site monitoring for 15 days post-service for extra peace of mind on your part!

We will of course also provide you with tips and insights for sustained site security.

Don’t loose your website to hackers, malware and malicious activity! We have an astounding track record and isn’t a type of malware or attack we cannot fix. Available for any website!


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PBNs can be quite tricky, and having been burned in the past I was very apprehensive. But their service happens to be quite safe as my website has not seen any penalties. On the contrary, we’ve seen an increase in rankings.

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I must say, quite an affordable service for the quality delivered. The links are well placed and the websites look genuine for the most part. I’ll be back again.

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